[Part 1] setup, placing the figure, & blocking in the head

This is the first full-length instructional film to come from McLeod_Art Studios. It chronicles the creation of a portrait from setup to signing, including techniques, materials, methods, and an abundance of philosophical insight.

canvas: Claessens #13 double primed.

paint: M Graham
_titanium white
_zinc white
_cadmium yellow
_cadmium red light
_alizarin crimson
_dioxazine purple
_anthroquinone blue
_cerulean blue
_phthalocyanine green
_sap green
_ivory black

medium: walnut oil (M Graham)

brushes: Robert Simmons filberts

[Part 2] blocking in the canvas
[Part 3] refining the face
[Part 4] blocking in the hands
[Part 5] refining the face
[Part 6] refining the hands
[Part 7] the background
[Part 8] finishing the hands and refining the dress
[Part 9] the feet and foreground
[Part 10] finishing